Mei Zhao

Art Statement

Mei Zhao is a Chinese born Sydney-based artist whose work utilises abstraction to explore an emotional response to the landscape. She aims to integrate eastern and western landscape art traditions, more specifically, to bring about an aesthetic reconciliation between western abstract expressionism and Chinese calligraphy and landscape painting.

Zhao draws from both traditions through exploring the sensibilities and modes of expression found in both cultures. She incorporates the expressive using of colour, form and composition from western art and the bold and direct use of gesture found in Chinese calligraphy. Her work combines in studio and onsite paintings and drawings, and experimentation with other media and techniques. Often she allows chance and accident to play a major role in her work. Her work is boundary crossing, bringing together painting, drawing, collaging and printmaking.

Through her work, Zhao attempts to develop her style of art-making with a sense of the vitality and diversity of the natural world, which we are in danger of losing. At the same time, her work celebrates the joy of freedom and seeks to connect her Chinese heritage with her contemporary life in Australia.