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Five Kilometre Zone are group painting made as result of the impact of the Covid pandemic lockdown. I used found materials to create an experimental approach to painting. I explore a range of approaches using different support materials, such as cardboard, packaging boards and household fabric. Instead of buying materials from art shops, these non-artisanal materials provide an everyday material as inspiration.  For example, the works made on a coloured paper background provide a mid-tone with which to begin painting. The used and tear off marks become the important features in composition. These works use unplanned and random approaches to found objects as art materials, where chance and accident play a key role of creating painting. Unlike my earlier work on starched canvases, these experimental works also addressed the horizontal and vertical ways of working by painting on the floor and displaying them on the wall. By working on the floor, the colour flowed in multiple directions, creating unexpected organic imagery, which become the foundation of my cartographic method in painting.
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